We are a TurnkeyProduction House

As a turn-key production house, our in-house creative and production team provides seamless workflow, effortlessly bridging various portions of the production workflow, in order to achieve a smoother and faster turnover of projects.

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We are a Dedicated Music Record Label

As a recording label, we house and develop homegrown talents for music and performances. We are also a publishing house managing copyrights of original song content for our songwriters.

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"Monster" Short Film Official Trailer

"Monster", a short film directed by our Creative Director, Eric Wong at the start of year 2019. The story follows Kate, a 10 year old girl born with an abnormality. Because of this, she is constantly met with bullying and harassment.

The 15 mins short film was premiered at EW Cinematics in February'19. For more information on the short film, please click on the webpage or FB for more details.