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I am interested to do my own album. What services do you offer?
Depending on the needs and the type of album/genre you would like to produce, you are going to require song arrangement, studio recording time, mixing and mastering. We also provide professional recording sessionists to play the instrumental tracks if preferred. A team of dedicated sound engineers, music and vocal producers are also available to help provide directions to the album creation. Apart from the production procedures as mentioned above, you will need to consider the copyright issues of the songs if they are covers, post production work like album design and pressing and well as the distribution methods. For further details, you may contact us for a consultation.
I want to record drum tracks. Is it possible?
Our in house facilities are not rigged for drum recording or group recording. We have associate studios whom we work closely with to provide such services. Other than live drum recordings, you might want to consider an alternative of using our drum programing which can be ultra realistic!
I want to do a recording but worried about the cost involved. How is it usually charged?
During the consultation, the producer will provide a breakdown of the costs base on your needs before the recording commence. There will be no hidden cost applied. We offer student and budding talent rates to aspiring musicians who would like to gain exposure and experience.
I am a budding film maker. What are some of the operating guidelines for good audio?
Having good audio is a very important aspect of film making. The key factors to having good audio start from the source of capture. Using clip on mics and boom mics will definitely help in recording clearer dialogue. If there is a bigger budget, you can even consider additional dialogue replacement (ADR) in the studio. Also, mixing and balancing levels are very important. More often than not, budding film makers make the mistake of clipping their audio because they can't hear it from their laptop speakers. Finally, sending the audio tracks for post production at an audio house after your visuals have been locked will greatly aid in a musical and clear representation of your film audio! Remember, your film's audio makes up half the viewing experience! We believe in the growth of our local film industry and are happy to offer special rates for budding film makers.