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Scarlet Avenue

Comprising of 2 Singaporean brothers, Amos and Adam, Scarlet Avenue spent their formative years in France and began their musical journey then. Upon coming back to Singapore, they continued their passion in music by writing and performing their songs. In 2014, they were signed to United Records and released their debut EP album titled ‘Happy Heartbreak’ and went on to launch 2 other singles “Paperplane” and “Lighthouse” the year after. They held their first full house concert at Alliance Francaise in July 2015. Scarlet Avenue has been actively involved in the local music scene by writing original theme songs for Mediacorp’s telemovies and Capitaland’s SG50 celebration “Project Celebrate”. Till date, they have been on school tours to more than 20 secondary schools and tertiary institutions in Singapore. Apart from having their songs being playing on the local airwaves, Scarlet Avenue was also featured in MYX TV network in the Philippines. In December 2015, they were invited to perform in Philippines and were very well received by media and fans. They released their first full album titled ‘2024’ in March 2016 that topped SG iTunes Chart on first day of release.

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Kelvin 小胖

Kelvin Mun 小胖在2013 年,在一间麦丹劳快餐店被新加坡导演蔡於位发掘,饰演《我的朋友,我的同學,我愛過的一切》电影中的“小胖”角色。其后,陆续和同班演员们巡回多所校园演唱剧中歌曲,以及上“昇菘“,”星和無綫電視大獎2013 萬千星輝頒獎典禮“电视节目电视现场演出。小胖也参与录制电影声带,特别介绍许多经典新谣,其中也包括了智深音樂人梁文福的创作。在2014年,小胖在新传媒众星云集的电视连续剧 《球在你脚下》中担任了马光宗的配角。再次反映小胖对演艺的热诚。这份热诚也让小胖受到UNITED RECORDS 唱片公司的青睐,开始他流行歌手的发展。小胖希望能够有更多机会让自己成为优秀的演员和歌手。

Kelvin 小胖 is an artiste under JM network and a recording artiste of United Records.

Nic Lee

After graduating in 2006 with a Diploma in Audio Engineering, Nic and his childhood friends formed Milubing 迷路兵 which took part in a nationwide competition, Channel U's Superband, and emerged as champions. Since then, he has performed on countless TV and outdoor performances both locally and overseas. Nic recently launched his first solo single 我还期待 with United Records and is preparing to release his EP Album this 2016. He is also actively involved in a variety of music production work from recording to mixing and commercial work.